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Ah, so, yes… “Passion Projects…” this is a term you may have heard tossed around the art community for awhile now and everyone kind of uses it a little bit differently but also kind of uses it a little bit the same. The way *I* am using it here is to refer to those projects that I am working for that are legally charities and that I feel very strongly about.

The first is Triptych: Journey through Cancer.

This project is near and dear to my heart for many reasons. First – it’s taking on cancer, so there’s that. Not just treatment and research, but the stigmatization and alienation that happens when you or a loved one is diagnosed. When that happens, the people around you don’t know what to do or how to act – you kind of get ghosted because people don’t know how to deal with it. The Big C, y’know? So Triptych not only is intended to raise awareness and help people process the very real and very actual BATTLE that is the fight against cancer, but also give them a framework where they can start discussing their experiences. And not just the patients, but their family, friends, caretakers, and medical teams, too – because this is NOT a battle that happens alone, but it does feel VERY lonely. So, yeah, check it out:

Triptych: Journey Through Cancer

The second is: Readerfest.

Readerfest is awesome. It is all my geeky-happy-nerdy-weirdness made real. Those of you who know me know that before the PTSD, I was a ridiculously voracious reader ever since I discovered Anne McCaffrey in the 6th Grade. I would mow through novels in a day or two easily and devoured the science fiction and fantasy section of the city library in a matter of weeks, then moved on to classic literature and poetry, which also changed my life (I can read old English – Chaucer – and barely bat an eyelash – makes internet slang and typos super easy to decipher). But more than that, reading taught me the beauty of language, nuance, logic, and communication. They taught me creativity and problem-solving. And they taught me to look beyond the pre-existing structures of the reality I know of and to seek out that which I WANT instead – and it is THAT which has driven me to make the connections, learn the weird skills and knowledge, and meet the strange folks that I so very much value today. Books. Books, books, books. So I am grateful for the weird set of circumstances that found me working for Readerfest, which, by the by, is this weekend in Seattle, Washington! So come hang out with me September 9th at Magnusson Park – it’s FREEEEEE!

Readerfest Sept 9th 217 – Free and Family Friendly!