Pagan Altar featuring Goddess Statue
Pagan Altar

So.. you might have heard this word before and you might even be part of the Pagan community. That’s awesome! But if you aren’t familiar with what a “Pagan” is, then here it is in a nutshell for you.

The word “Pagan” is very old and originally referred to anyone who wasn’t Christian. In that context, Pagan is a very broad and very vague word.

Today, it has come to refer to many different nature-based religions or those who have been revived from ancient, pre-Christian cultures, such as Egyptian, Mayan, and Nordic traditions.

Among Pagans, there is a ton of variety – there are several codified traditions, which means that all the members share the same beliefs and practices, such as Dianic, Wiccan, and Santeria. But a majority of Pagans are “Ecclectic” – meaning they choose what they believe and no two people share the exact same beliefs. These beliefs may include:

  • Belief in nature spirits (fairies, elementals, etc.)
  • Worship of the Earth as Mother
  • Belief in a specific diety, pantheon of dieties, or other divine elements
  • Belief in life after death
  • Belief in a soul separate from the body
  • Belief in the 4 (5) elements as building blocks of the Universe
  • Celebration of the seasons
  • Traditional farming practices
  • Celebration of the moon cycles
  • Practice of Magic and spells
  • Energy work
  • Healing work
  • Work with spirits, the deceased, and our ancestors
  • Work with animals and animal spirits
  • Chakra work
  • Study of other religions, practices, and beliefs
  • Connection to the land
  • Stewards of the environment

This is by no means an exhaustive list – just a quick list of what is out there.

A lot of these ideas and beliefs are explored on the CrowSong Lodge website. Stay tuned for more information!