Video: Let’s Talk About Community

So… I’ve been wanting to make this video for over a year now, but finally decided to sit down and do it. This is the reason that CrowSong Lodge exists and I’m sharing it with you, because I’m thinking now that other people might be thinking along the same lines I am. The bottom line is:

This is our community. We are our community. We take care of it. We run this.

Check it out.

A vertically symmetrical sigil composed of straight and curved lines seems to imply a primal version of horns, moons, and the sacred feminine

Magical Sigils by Fairuza Balk

Hallo again!

So, a few weeks ago I featured a wonderful Sigil artist here on the blog… and then to come find out that this artist I have been following has recently started creating her own sigils as well! They’re really very beautiful and I think you will find a lot of power in them. And you may remember her from her other artistic endeavors as well! Please check out her shop here:!/Original-Drawings-by-Fairuza/c/21483891

A vertically symmetrical sigil composed of straight and curved lines seems to imply a primal version of horns, moons, and the sacred feminine
Healing Sigil by Fairuza Balk


PS – she doesn’t remember me, but we’re cousins! Haha!

Forming New Habits

11083787_10206421003263667_46459813757960255_oChanging your life, whether in a big way or a small way, is always amazing. It’s hard to tell where your life will end up as a result! But wherever you’re going, it’s sure to be amazing!

But how do you form a new habit? You just do the same thing over and over again for 21 days, right?

For one, 21 days can be hard, if that were even the right number.

For two, it’s just not that simple!

So, what can you do to form a new habit?

The first thing that needs to happen is that you need to Decide, with a big “D” that you’re going to change something. The big “D” means that you’re going to put it out to Universe that you’re putting your whole will into this and that you won’t take “no” for an answer! Deciding (with a big “D”) is the first step to any manifestation, and changing a new habit is just manifesting things in your own behavior. So you make an agreement with yourself and the Universe that things are going to change.

003-2-editedThe next thing you do is decide if this new habit is going to be a multi-step process (making a big change) or a single step process (making a small change). Deciding to eat healthy would be an example of a multi-step process, whereas flossing your teeth is a single step process.

The reason that this is important to know is because you’ll want to break down multi-step processes (or complex changes) into smaller parts and implement each one separately, building up to a big change. Effectively making each one a single-step process.

Once you have your single-step (and it’s a good idea to only change one habit at a time) process, you’re ready to get started!

Your single-step really has two steps. They are:

  • Create a reminder
  • Follow through

036-4-editedThat’s it! You repeat these steps over and over again until you automatically perform the new habit. For you, it may take 7 days or it could take 3 months – this depends on the person and is dependent on a million different variables, so only time will tell.

One single-step process I recommend immediately? Telling yourself “I love you” every time you see yourself in a mirror. You can write “I love you” on a note card and put it in your vanity mirror as your reminder. This will help boost self-esteem and self-confidence and you’ll be amazed at the changes you see!

Now get out there and create a better reality for yourself!



#Museday Photo Scavenger Hunt is here!!!

Photo by: LoggaWiggler @ Pixabay
Photo by: LoggaWiggler @ Pixabay

Hello and welcome to the #Museday Photo Scavenger Hunt! We’re kicking off today with a list of fun things to photograph regardless of what your weather is like. Some items will be SUPER easy and some of them will be a little bit more difficult – but the fun is in the finding – and the snapping of the picture!

Please feel free to upload your photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr with the hashtag #Museday – my friend, Deanna Lohnes, and I will be watching out all day for our favorites and sharing them as well!

In addition to the #Museday Photo Scavenger Hunt, please participate in exploring your creativity with the help of the nine Muses as well by joining in our weekend of activities! And remember that the most important part is that you HAVE FUN!!!!

Ready, set…. go!!!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Take a picture of:

  1. Something orange
  2. A person wearing green
  3. A living green plant  (no dead trees or cut flowers)
  4. A child under 10
  5. Water (not frozen)
  6. Christmas lights that are still up
  7. License plate ending in “y”
  8. A big hat (extra point for a selfie in it)
  9. A picture of Pizza
  10. A gemstone
  11. Someone named “Mike”
  12. A red door

Deanna Lohnes – Getting a Leg Up

Deanna Lohnes
Deanna Lohnes

Wow! I had an INCREDIBLE call last night with Deanna Lohnes – we covered all sorts of things about how to garner more assertiveness and confidence in the workplace. We covered things like:

  • What your bra has to do with your confidence
  • Power Poses
  • Breathing right
  • The unconscious “cod-piece” women tend to wear when presenting.

If you missed the talk, never fear! There’s a recording! Here it is for your listening enjoyment. And if you want to give a shout out to Deanna, please do! You can reach her at

Amy Cuddy Speaks About Power Posing

Hey, everybody! So, in my call “Empowering Women” I talked about an article I read on Buffer about using power poses to increase your confidence. Here’s the article: 

A friend of mine messaged me (Autumn Bradley O’Rell), and, after talking for a little bit, she asked me if I was familiar with Amy Cuddy’s TEDTalk. Of course, I wasn’t, so she was kind enough to send me the link. Yeah, the Buffer article TOTALLY pulled from this TEDTalk (same photos!). So, here it is for your enjoyment – it’s pretty incredible!

5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Confidence

Photo by: Gilmanshin @ Pixabay
Photo by: Gilmanshin @ Pixabay

I’ve been talking about self-esteem, self-confidence, and assertiveness a LOT lately – and will keep talking about it! But I thought I’d give you a list of quick tips to help improve your confidence and assertiveness. These should be pretty simple to do, but if you have any questions, just ask!

1. Practice Good Posture

That’s right! Good posture is associated with the production of testosterone (hey, ladies need it too!), which is a big contributor to self-confidence and assertiveness! This will also open up your chakras so that the energy flows through all your centers better – especially the heart and throat chakra which are so often blocked. So, the biggest posture corrections include the following:

  • Roll your shoulders back and down – most people hunch their shoulders forward and in, creating a curved back. Roll your shoulders back and down, slightly squeezing the shoulder blades together.
  • Tilt your chin upwards so it’s parallel to the ground – most people look slightly downward (or more than slightly!). Practice looking upwards instead. Looking upwards stimulates creativity and projects confidence. Also, you should not be looking down at your computer monitor – that’s bad ergonomic! Raise it up so its eye level!
  • Rest your weight equally on both feet – we tend to shift our weight to one side or the other. Not only can this cause hip and back issues over a long period of time, but it also makes us appear uncertain and submissive. Plant your feet firmly and evenly on the ground – even when you’re sitting! If you need one, get a footrest for under your desk.

2. Breath Deeply

Practicing taking a longer and deeper natural breath. We tend to breath shallowly and shortly as a habit (partially caused by our collapsed postures), which leaves us slightly oxygen deprived most the time! Yikes! So, start taking deeper and longer breaths! Do this whenever you need to feel more confident and assertive – not only does your brain appreciate the increased oxygen, calming you down and making you think more clearly, but it also deepens your voice, which fosters more trust and authority in your listeners. Also, if you have a tenancy to speak quickly, SLOW DOWN! Slower speech also fosters more confidence!

3. Make a List of Positive Attributes

Photo by: GLady @ Pixabay
Photo by: GLady @ Pixabay

We can program ourselves pretty easily just by repetitions of thought. So, if you want to foster certain attributes in yourself, all you have to do is write it out and place it somewhere you will see frequently, like your bathroom mirror or your cell phone. Try “I am confident and assertive,” “I am worthy of respect and authority,” or “I love myself and excel in all that I do.” Or feel free to come up with your own affirmations!

4. Decide on Your Absolute No’s

There are just some things you don’t want to do, don’t like to do, and don’t need to do. These are things that twist your stomach and make you escape to the world of Facebook for hours upon hours. Brainstorm ways that you can remove these items from your life. Delegate to someone else, hire someone to do it for you, remove it from your priorities altogether, or change your expectations. Make a list of these “absolute no’s” and place it somewhere you can refer to it often.

5. Center Your Energy Body

You have several energy field around your physical body, including your energy body. This is where your prana is stored in space. When your energy body is centered on your physical body, you feel energized, optimistic, confident, assertive, creative, and capable. When it comes too far forward, you feel manic, hyper, distractable, unfocused, disorganized, and irritable. When your energy body is too far back, you feel depressed, submissive, weak, lethargic, pessimistic, stymied, and unmotivated. Most of us have our energy bodies too far behind us. Take a couple moments to take some deep breaths and feel where the center of your being is. You SHOULD feel it just behind and a little above your belly button, in your Solar Plexus Chakra. If you don’t feel it there, mentally, using your strength of will, pull your center into your Solar Plexus Chakra. After you’re done, take some more deep breaths and continue on your day. Repeat as necessary!

There you have it!

Those are some quick tips to improve your self-esteem, self-confidence, and assertiveness. Let me know how these worked for you! And if you have your own tips, feel free to share them in the comments!

Charlene Sig - green

Announcing: Museday! February 14th-15th!

Photo by: leovalente @ Pixabay
Photo by: leovalente @ Pixabay

So, it’s no secret that my fiance and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. We really believe that romance and love should be celebrated all year round and that we shouldn’t need special reminders to do a special something for the people in our lives.

However, I realize that a lot of people out there are emotionally invested in Valentine’s Day and whether or not you want to celebrate, there’s a lot of pressure to do something special, regardless of what it is.

In talking to my good friend Deanna Lohnes, we decided that we should offer an alternative to Valentine’s day – but not the usual self love stuff that amounts to doing what you’d do normally on a Valentine’s day, just without the date. So we thought, why not get in touch with your creativity? And, hence, Museday was born!

In addition, we’re going to release a photo scavenger hunt on the morning of February 14th – take a photo and upload it to Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #Museday!

We suggest that on the weekend of February 14-15th, you celebrate your creativity by doing one activity for each of the nine muses. Here are our suggestions:


Photo by: Ben_Kerckx @ Pixabay
Photo by: Ben_Kerckx @ Pixabay

Listen to a classical composition and REALLY listen to it. Don’t surf the web, don’t read a book, don’t do your nails, don’t watch TV, don’t do anything else but just LISTEN (okay, maybe you can pet your furry friend, but that’s it!). People just don’t seem to have the attention span to get through the classics anymore, and most of us can only identify bits and pieces of a composition. So, expand your horizons or listen to an old favorite, but just take the time to listen. Here are some of our favorites:

Flight of the Valkyries:
Night on Bald Mountain:
Waltz of the Flowers:


Sing one of your favorite song OUTLOUD and PROUD! About four minutes of happy fun! If you have to climb into the shower or car in order to this, go right ahead! We won’t judge! Extra points if you sing with a friend! Here are some of our favorites:

Bohemian Rhapsody:
What Does the Fox Say?


Photo by: Karla31 @ Pixabay
Photo by: Karla31 @ Pixabay

Listen to your favorite poem recited out loud. Does NOT have to be a love poem! Recite it out loud yourself or get together with friends for this one! Discover some new favorites this way! Here are some of our favorites:

Daffodils, by William Wordsworth:
Somewhere There is a Poem, by Gina Loring:
Dance, Monkeys, Dance, by Ernest Cline:


Find and identify a constellation! Just look at that night sky! Of course, we’re all partial to Orion, one of the easiest constellations to identify. You can find him, or you can learn to identify a new constellation! Try this site for help:


Photo by: Teerasuwat @ Pixabay
Photo by: Teerasuwat @ Pixabay

Try out a church service that you’ve never tried out before! Don’t worry, there are some non-denominational services out there, and even some secular ones as well! Of course, visiting a church service that is different from your own beliefs can be gratifying, too. Check out:


Dance it out, my friends! Get wild with yourself and break a sweat! Shake it, shake it, shake it – you can even break it if you really want! Just feel that stress melting away! Here are some of our favorites:

Just Dance (cover):
Poker Face:


Photo by: LoggaWiggler @ Pixabay
Photo by: LoggaWiggler @ Pixabay

Take an artistic picture of a blooming plant. That’s right! Flowers! In the middle of winter! If you’re buried under snow, indoor plants will do. (Hint: try Home Depot or Lowes)


Pick a famous person, living or dead, and create an art piece representing what an afternoon with them would be like. Stuck for ideas? Try a painting, collage, wordle, Pinterest Board, photograph, or anything else you like! DOESN’T have to be visual – if you prefer a poem or music, absolutely go for it!


Do something “childish”! Embrace that inner child fighting to be free and get silly! Jump rope, blow bubble, finger paint, color (outside the lines?), cats cradle, spin in circle, play tag, catch snowflakes on your tongue – whatever you like! You get points for every activity you do! Go for it!


Photo by: foto-horst @ Pixabay
Photo by: foto-horst @ Pixabay

I’ve mentioned points a few times. What are they? Well, you get 1 point for each activity you engage in, and bonus points as noted. You also get bonus points for any associated pictures you post online with the tag #Museday. At the end of the day, compare your point totals with your friends. Whoever wins gets a special prize! -OR- The points are made up and the prizes are imaginary. Your choice how you want to play the game!


Remember to use the hashtag #Museday for your updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! We’ll be sharing our favorites somehow (we’ll figure that out later).

Have fun everybody!

Charlene Sig - green

Getting a Leg Up in the Workplace – Without Baring Your Legs! – February 11th at 6:00 Mountain Time


Hey, everybody!

I’m so excited to tell you that my last teleseminar sparked a lot of ideas for my friend, Deanna. She has extensive experience in Human Resources and is very familiar with work place relationships, how gender plays a role, and how to handle harassment. She has agreed to allow me to interview her on February 11th at 6:00pm Mountain time (8:00pm Eastern, 5:00pm Pacific).

During out discussion of what we should cover in the interview, Deanna had all sorts of tips to cover, including what you should do about your body language, what kinds of words you should eliminate from your vocabulary, and huge mistakes women make when doing presentations – either to a large audience or just around the conference table.

Even if you don’t work in a large office, this interview is for you! This will help your interpersonal relationships, whether  you work primarily with men, women, or a mixture of both. These tips will get you presenting yourself as more confident, assertive, and in control. Some of them will even help you FEEL more confident and in control!

This is a FREE call, all I ask is that if you want to be on the call live to ask your questions, you sign up on my mailing list in the box to the right. Call details will  be going out to my list on Tuesday. Even if you don’t sign up and aren’t able to make the call live, the recording (just like the last one) will be available to listen to for free on my website.

We look forward to chatting with you on Wednesday!

Charlene Sig - green

Empowering Women


Women NEED to be more assertive, confident, and have better self-esteem – not just for ourselves, but for future generations of women that are growing up. We lead by example, so we need to be the best examples that we can be.

To this end, I’m focusing my services on helping women overcome those barriers – low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, meekness, and passivity – so they can achieve more of their dreams. To help achieve this goal, I did a teleseminar on how women are taught to be meek and submissive by our culture, how our culture treats us and the messages we receive, and some steps that we can take to be more confident and self assured. To read more about the calls, click here!

If you’re interested in digging deeper and examining the deep rooted experiences that have caused you to “lose your voice” and be more meek and timid than  you want to be, I also offering a 3 month coaching program. During this program, we examine the ingrained beliefs that you have and replace them with more positive beliefs as well as discuss ways you can shine your light even brighter. Click here for more information!

For your listening pleasure, here is the call recording!