Patreon Video: What IS Claircognizance?

Ever wonder what “Claircognizance” is? There are 7 difference “clairs” in the study of psychic phenomenon that describe the way information can be perceived and received, and one of these is Claircognizance – “clear knowing.” But what IS that, what does it mean, and what does it feel like to experience it? In this video I discuss what MY experience of Claircognizance looks like. How does this compare to yours?

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Moon Magick and Natural Born Psychic Witches!

Hey, guys!

So, even though I haven’t found an apartment in beautiful Fresno, California yet (I know, I know, I don’t get it either, but Fresno IS beautiful), I AM able to record videos for you! So, I’ve got two new ones uploaded for you and ready to check out!

The first one is about Moon Magick is about the moon phases, what they mean, and what they’re good for and I also talk briefly how essential they are to your magical practices – along with all the other traditions and tools that are out there. Here it is!

The second is a video about how to tell if you are a natural born psychic and/or witch or if your abilities are god-given and my whole pile of feelings on that topic. I’ll warn you: there MIGHT be some ranting.

In addition! I have a new Patreon account! Errrrr… actually, I just revamped my old Patreon account. One of the things I’m going to do is I’m going to release my videos aimed at psychic readers and professional spiritual practitioners over there a week before releasing them here on YouTube and also host more in-depth and personal discussions over there. So, if you want in, click the thingy and do the supporting thing! 😀 I hope to see you there! As always, I don’t know what I’m doing, but we’ll figure it out and have fun in the process! Linkie is:

My Patreon Account

My Tarot Reading Style

Hi Guys!

I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately and I apologize for that. I had SO many plans, but this move is taking WAY longer than I anticipated! The apartment we were guaranteed to get fell through, so we are STILL looking for a place here in Fresno and that is occupying all my time. But, I DID take a little bit of time to record this “fun” video for you that I was inspired to finally do by my friend, Christina Quick of Make Tarot Your Business, before I even left Arizona.

So, this video is about my personal reading style. This style was developed from learning from my mother, who was an AMAZING tarot reader (and includes a spread I learned from her) and then honed and modified by myself when I started reading online on Kasamba and Keen. Thus, the emphasis is efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy. Of course, everyone develops their OWN personal style, so I don’t expect anyone to conform to my exactly, but, instead, to try out what I’m doing and then use it as inspiration, combine it with what they’re doing, use it as inspiration for their own ideas, or ditch it because it just doesn’t work for them. In any case, I hope you find it interesting. As always, there is rambling – but I’m sure you’re used to that by now.


~ Nathara

Tarot Readings – There’s an App for That!

In one of the groups I am in online, the topic of tarot apps (applications for your phone, tablet, or computer) with electronic card decks came up. I think everyone I knows has had the same initial reaction: “what?! no! Can’t be!? Well… maybe…?” It’s that moment of confusion, rejection, and then reconsideration. So, I want to talk about my reasoning for using them (and when I don’t).

First, I want to go back to something I am probably telling people way too much: Tarot cards are just ink and paper (and a little plastic gloss). Ink and paper. That’s it. Those things are not inherently any more psychic or magical than anything else on the planet, my smartphone included. The most common theory regarding tarot cards and energy is that, through use, you imbue the cards with your own energy and then use that connection through energy to use the cards for divination. Creating an extension of your own natural intuition. But there is no reason why this wouldn’t work with your smartphone, too. Some people reject the idea of plastic and energy, but it IS a physical object, so it DOES have energy. Even so, the functional parts of a smartphone are metals, and those definitely DO have energy. There’s no reason that you couldn’t imbue your circuits with energy the same way you do your tarot deck.

Without anything for your client to physically shuffle, how do you connect to THEIR energy to read it? That’s a great question! And a lot of us have figured it out through trial and error in order to offer our readings over the telephone or online via chat and email. Each reader handles this a little differently. I have this big fixation on names, so that’s how I do it – I need the names of everyone directly part of the question. I use that name and the FEELING that comes with it (not all “Sarahs” FEEL the same) as an address to connect to that person through the person I am directly communicating with (kind of like when you connect with a mutual friend through the shared friend’s friendlist on Facebook). Other readers use birthdates to do that as well, and some will simply not read for anyone not part of the conversation. Experiment with this and see what works for you.

Computers use random number generators (commonly abbreviated as RNGs) in order to determine the cards you draw – that’s not REALLY TRULY random, so how can that possibly work? This is a good one, and quite the educated question, too! NONE of our readings are TRULY random, no matter what our shuffling technique. The variables involved are always affected by the long line of shuffles that we’ve done over the years. I am very bad at math, but college taught me that, given enough data, it is a simple matter to predict card results! If you’re interested in this, there’s a fantastic documentary about a mathematician at a college who, as a project, taught his students how to quickly predict upcarding card results in card games at casinos. Impressive math! Beyond me, but impressive! But since we know those formulas and system, programmers use them to create a MUCH BETTER Random Number Generator than the ones we had in the 80s or 90s – ones that are indistinguishable from a real life shuffle. Oh, and there are matrices involved (a matrix is just a table for corresponding data points). Technology is wonderful!

In fact, in regards to “randomness” or, as it’s more properly referred to, “chaos,” – that is a necessary element of divination all around the board. A certain amount of chaos, variables that you cannot control or predict reasonably easily, allows whatever source you believe influences your cards to do it’s magic thing. So you can do divination with anything that is systemitized and has a random factor. Pendulums, coins, playing cards, tarot cards, oracle cards, fire and candle flames, clouds, tea leaves, animal entrails, bones, stones, runes, books, cow pies (yes, that’s a thing!) and the newly christened “Shufflemancy!” (this uses radio stations and music played on “shuffle”). So as long as you can connect to something and chaos can be invited in, you’re all set!

It’s okay if you are not comfortable using an app or if you just WANT to use your physical cards more. Your best readings are done when you are most comfortable, and that’s just the way it is. If you want to use physical paper cards forever until the end of time, that is totally fine. But DO keep an open mind about tarot apps and, if you’re curious, try it out – do some experiments – and see what you think.

I hope that helps! Here are some free and not-free apps that I, personally, recommend (and one website):

Shadowscapes Tarot App Home Page

Tarot Apps by Fool’s Dog:
Highly recommend these! I just love them! They have a bunch of “official” deck apps which are great (I got my Shadowscapes Deck there, which is my favorite “working” deck), including Shadowscapes, Druidcraft, Mystical Cats, Robin Wood, Ciro, Steampunk, and several samplers (samplers are usually free and official apps are $3-4) and there are also other nice features, such as the original book text for the deck, a journal, many many spreads to choose from, and more. LOVE.

Tarot of Marseilles by Libertus Apps

Tarot Apps by Liberus:
I have NOT personally tried these out (but I’m gonna!) but they look great! A lot of the standard features and some pretty cool decks are available, such as the Tarot of Marseilles. Most their apps are free, so be mindful of ads – though they may allow you to pay to remove them (which is cool, $5 is worth it, I hate ads!).

Screenshot of Facade Tarot Reading

Facade Tarot Website:
Facade has been around for a LONG time and is an AMAZING site! They have a huge collection of decks, spreads, and other features as well as a “random” function that will choose your deck and spread for you! It’s a lot of fun and definitely worth trying out! Did I mention the “free” part yet? AND they provide a widget whereby you can add free online tarot readings to your site as well – which is awesome if you are planning to do some tarot teaching, like I am. 😀 Unlike the apps, Facade will also interpret your reading for you, too, but it’s a machine, so it’s not really great at it. But it’s pretty cool if you aren’t totally confident yet and need a nudge once in awhile!

Do you have any other questions and concerns that I didn’t touch on here? Comments and experiences? Just share them in the comments below!

~ Nathara

The Witch’s Jar – Good and Bad

Hallo all!

beautiful-memory-jarSo, I was thinking about this after writing my last piece on the cleansing and blessing rituals I enjoy for Samhain.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Witch’s Jar, let me tell you about it. It’s a curse where you take odious things, such as urine, feces, rusty nails, broken glass, and noxious substances, a photo of your target, a baneful wish for them, and place them all in a jar. Before sealing the lid, you speak your ill wishes for them into the jar, then seal it up – not just by placing the lid on it, but buy wrapping it in plastic, duct tape, or whatever else you have handy, and bury it in your yard. Essentially, you are “planting” your curse in this way.

BUT! All methods that can be used for ill can be used for good. So, how would you go about  making a GOOD witches jar?

Instead of putting all things odious into the jar, you would put those things that are beautiful. Flowers and herbs (dried, so they don’t mold or decay, silk, paper, or otherwise), essential oils, aromatherapy oils and other spell oils, again, a photograph. Perfumes, writing down well wishes (on bay leaves, for extra oompth), some sage, and lavandar. Glitter, keys, and crystals. Then you would seal it up in whatever way you like – I would do the jar and then wrap a ribbon around the top and perhaps paint something on the lid. You could, like the traditional witch’s jar, place it in the ground in your garden to grow throughout the year. But I would put this somewhere prominent in the house (if appropriate) where I could enjoy, remember, and re-energize it throughout the year or years. Would be a fun Halloween/Samhain tradition!

If you try it out, let me know – I’ll share a picture of mine when I’m done making it!

Talk soon!

Writing on Samhain

Nathara with CandleSo, those who ask me what Halloween traditions I celebrate are told about two very similar rituals that I do. One is to let go of the old and cleanse myself of their energies, and the other is to bring in the bounty of what I want for the next year. The rituals are very similar, though there are some very important differences.

Both of them involve grabbing a pen and some paper and writing out my desires. To cleanse, I write out all of the things I want to let go of. Things that hurt me, things I thought or felt, nightmares I may have had, memories I no longer desire. Things that happen in my life that I don’t want to happen anymore. Anything that I simply want to go away. Not only do I write them down, but I write down all the thoughts, feelings, or any other experiences that are connected to them. This often turns out to be a LOT of writing – and that’s okay. Keep going until your done.

For the blessings version, I write the same kind of stuff – all the stuff that I want to happen, experience, or to accomplish in the coming year. Well wishes that I have for myself and the people I know or know of. Things I want for our world and our universe. Everything that I want to happen. This can also be a very long process. Now, for this one, it’s very important that you keep everything you write down positive. Rather than “an end to violence” you’ll want to say “a beginning of peace” or something similar to that.

In the previous writing, we want to get all that negative stuff out so we can target it and there’s no harm in mixing some good stuff in there. But for the good stuff, we want to keep it clean of any of the bad stuff.

Separately, you’ll want to burn both of your writings. I like to add some oils and herbs to the burning as well. I do this by getting a fire proof bowl – glass is pretty handy – and I sprinkle the oils and herbs on the paper before placing it in the bowl and lighting it. For the blessings ones, I add things like lemon, money drawing, peppermint, dragon’s blood, etc. For the cleansing, I add things like lavendar and eucalyptus and sage.

Disposing of the ashes is the major difference in how we treat these papers. Once they’re completely burned to ash (and it’s okay to light the paper multiple times to accomplish this), you will take the cleansing bowl away from where you live and, preferably, away from others. Definitely outside of the property lines where you live and hopefully somewhere intended for such things like a dumpster. You need to get rid of them. If that means walking across the street, that’s fine too.

The blessings note, however, you will plant like a seed. You’ll want to keep it close to your house or near other plants that you are gardening, dig about 6 inches down, plants and water it. And don’t plant anything else in that spot UNLESS it’s a plant you want to add into the magic. Continue to water for the rest of the year regularly and sit with it and give it attention anytime you feel you could use a boost.

And that’s it! Of course, these rituals can be done any time of year, not just Halloween/Samhain. And you can even up the stakes by doing your cleansing on Halloween and your blessing on All Saints Day. The more meaningful ritual you put into your magic, the stronger it gets. But the most important thing is always investing your own energy.

If you have any questions, just let me know!

A Sigil Artist Named Rose

805017aa1ad24915ce1b1601c5174887Hi there!

You guys may remember that I touched on the topic of sigils, or more specifically, runes and symbols WAY back when I started this crazy old journey! Like, a really long time ago! I MOVED my channel to it’s new home 6 years ago and this video was already several years old by then. Since then, it’s had over 7,000 views! WOWZERS! Thank you all of you!

In it, I mention that you can make your own symbol or rune to represent  your intent or any affirmation that you want to achieve. Well, I recently discovered this artist over on Pinterest and wanted to give her a shout out! Her name is Rose and her sigils are absolutely PERFECT for this kind of thing! Check out her site over HERE, give her some love, and tell her I sent you. She’s not accepting new requests right now, but her library is HUMONGOUS and beautiful!

On her Tumblr, in the FAQ, there are several REALLY helpful articles on creating your own sigils if you don’t want to use one that is already created by somebody – and that’s a personal choice. What works best for one person is NOT going to work the same for someone else – a theory for why is that the way your DNA is unique, it also means that you interact with energy in a completely unique way. So, experiment with different ideas and see what works. 😀 Use someone else’s sigil,  use your own, use an ancient one, just experiment and see what you like best.

Anyways, yes, so lots of sources for sigils! Experiment, create, etc. and show me what you’ve done! Send me a note or a video or something, I would LOVE to hear what’s going on!


Guest Post: Lessons in Love from the Tarot: 3 Cards that Will Change the Way You Look at Love

By: Angela Kaufman, Certified Professional Tarot Reader, LCSW.
Have you ever found yourself confused over how much to “give in” to others in relationships? Perhaps your life is going along as planned until a new romance develops, and you slowly find yourself chipping away at your dreams to accommodate your partner. Do you get stumped when it comes to compromise, fearing that loss of control will ensue if you let your partner get too close? I have helped women understand their love traps through psychic Tarot readings, and here are a few of the major lessons I have learned from my own experience and through years of psychic readings for others.

A Lesson from the Lovers

The Lovers from the Shadowscapes Tarot
The Lovers from the Shadowscapes Tarot

The Lover’s card teaches us that true love is about maintaining the balance between individual and couple. This takes ongoing care and mindfulness even in the best scenarios. Modern women have been taught to compete in a man’s world by working harder just to keep up. We have broken through barriers in many ways, but when it comes to relationships and family, many women have traded traditional roles of caretaking and nurturing, for a liberated role of managing, leading, succeeding….and caretaking and nurturing. We haven’t walked out of the home for the workplace, we have taken on dual careers of nurturer and earner. Numerous Tarot readings that I have done for women exploring relationships have elicited common and patterns that undermine relationships as well as the attitudes, beliefs and fears that accompany them. A common habit of successful, independent women, is the tendency to nurture others’ needs while not nurturing herself. Whether this is a byproduct of the instinct to nurture, the fear of being responsible for others, or even the drive to demonstrate equality to men (work harder to break even in many cases) the end result is often the same. Women take on their share of the relationship, and more, which can alter the energy of both the relationship, and the individuals comprising it. Therefore the lesson of the Lovers’ Card becomes distorted, and instead of honoring individuality and uniting in love, fear becomes the cement that holds the relationship together….for a while.

A Lesson from the Tower

The Tower from the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck
The Tower from the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

The Tower is the catalyst for dramatic change, often in the form of crisis. It is our change agent and liberator. If you are stuck in relationships and can’t seem to make progress in your search for love, perhaps it is time to break free from the stereotype of what you envision true love has to look like. The Tower helps us to break free from our own mental prisons, but the process of liberation is often a dramatic one. Abrupt and unexpected change can make it feel like you are losing control, but surrendering to the process can also awaken you to new, better opportunities. So many women have come to me for readings feeling devastated because what they believed to be their “last chance” at love did not work out. They blame themselves, question whether they are doomed to be alone, or even if they are cursed. Rather than focusing on the negative, it is important to remember the growing process is at work and look toward the future with greater wisdom having loved and lost. After all, how many times in the past has a loss felt like the end of the world, only to truly bring the dawning of a new, better day?
So much has changed over the centuries, and we ladies inhabit a very different world from our grandmothers, mothers, or even our older sisters! Average life expectancy has doubled, the definition of romantic partnership has become more eclectic, and individuals have never had such role flexibility and opportunities for expression of their desires. Social Media has made it easier to meet people, but harder to connect. We ladies have more confidence to reach an unlimited potential, but still feel responsible for others. Still we have clung tightly to the concept of romantic partnerships as a limited opportunity, a going out of business sale that no one wants to miss. It is for this reason that I refer to myself as a “21st Century Relationship Psychic”. My services focus on bringing harmony and healing to women navigating the complex world of love and relationships without the self limiting stereotype of what a relationship “should” look like.

A Lesson from the Hanged Man

The Hanged Man from the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck
The Hanged Man from the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

The Hanged Man teaches power through acceptance and introspection. Perhaps you have had numerous relationships in the past that all seem to flat line around the same issues. Maybe you moved on from one relationship swearing off the drama that went with that person, only to find yourself in a new relationship with a new person and repeating the same old mistakes, heartaches and problems you thought were history. These are Hanged Man moments, things aren’t going your way, and trying harder doesn’t seem to change anything. It is because you are trying to move on and make improvements with the same old roles, rules, and tools that didn’t work last time. In recovery circles this would be called “insanity; doing the same things over and over and expecting different results”. In relationships this habit can haunt women for a lifetime. The Hanged Man’s lesson is to suspend action, spend time searching within, and arrive at a different perspective. By hanging upside down he is unable to move, but able to see the world from a different angle. If your love life feels like “Groundhog’s Day” perhaps it is time to stop, evaluate, listen, let go and look at things from a different point of view.
If you are open to guidance for your own growth and development, or curious about the best ways to nurture a relationship, if doubts from the past or continued patterns of sabotage follow you from relationship to relationship, visit and sign up for my free audio program, 3 Biggest Reasons Independent Professional Women are NOT Finding the Love They Want.

Moonlight Tarot LLC is also excited to announce a new one of a kind, Psychic Relationship Coaching Program designed specifically for independent single, professional women who are ready to let go of the past and awaken love in the future. This service will be available to the public in winter of 2014. Contact me at for details and to reserve a spot as enrollment is limited.


Angela Kaufman
Angela Kaufman

Angela Kaufman is your 21st Century Relationship Psychic. She has devoted many years to study of spiritual and personal development and is credentialed as a Social Worker, Tarot Reader, Intuitive Consultant, Psychic Medium, Reiki Practitioner and Ordained Minister.

Angela uses her connection to Spirit to empower modern women. She wants to help you stop the vicious cycle of dead end relationships with a free gift The 3 Biggest Reasons Single, Professional, Independent Women are NOT Finding the Love They Want at

Effect the Energy Around You

Hi guys! This week I’ve decided to record my blog project post as a vlog instead of a written blog. It’s easier for me to talk about and I think I communicate the topic a lot easier out loud. Plus! You guys get to kind of “meet” me and see a little of what I’m like. Below the video, there’s a link to the MP3 file for those of you whose computers do not like video or just prefer to listen on your MP3 player of choice.


Energy Vlog (Click to listen, Right Click to Save)

You Don’t Have to be a Shaman to Practice Shamanism

Photo by: H Kopp-Delaney @ Flickr

So, I’ve finally published my free eBook, Foundations of Shamanism: An Introduction to Earth Magick! I’m so excited! I’ve been working hard on it and, after many formatting issues, finally have something lovely and informative to share with you. To get your copy, all you have to do is sign up for my mailing list – and you’ll also receive a free 1 card reading!

I’d like to share an excerpt from my book because I get the feeling that there may be some of you out there thinking “That’s all well and fine, but what does it mean for me?”

The role of Shaman is not for everyone, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t practice shamanism. In fact, typically in tribal societies, the general populace practiced shamanism without shouldering the responsibility and pressure as the appointed shaman. Practicing shamanism without being a shaman simply requires study and practice of the same customs and habits that a shaman adopts.

For example, Cherokee women would leave the first three ginseng plants they encountered alone when gathering the herb. When they reached the fourth plant, they would say a prayer and leave behind a bead for the Earth-spirit. This simple act represents shamanism. The essence of shamanism lies in these small habits and gestures.