Animal Spirit Guides Meditation

Photo by: TravelingCrow @ Pixabay
Photo by: TravelingCrow @ Pixabay

Hello everybody!

Wow, we just went through a couple of intense weeks, didn’t we? We had Mercury come out of Retrograde, the Moon go into Cancer, and now the full moon is this Saturday! And that’s just the Astrology!

For me, the Brave Blogging project has come to a pause and I really put out some scary truths about myself, but I’m proud that I did it. Check out the other blog posts around here to see that! Here’s the one on Speaking Forbidden Things.

This week, I’d like to share something that’s a little more easy going, but still really powerful!

I’ve decided that my meditations are going to be free on my site so that everybody can enjoy them. More than any monetary gain, I want them to get out there and be available for people to use. So this week, I’m bringing you my Animal Spirit Guides meditation. This is the meditation I designed so that you can meet an Animal Spirit Guide. If you want to, you can specify that this will be your personal guide, your healing guide, your protection guide, and so on.

This meditation did go out free to those of you who signed up for my VIP day, so if you did that, you should already have it. But here it is for those of you who did not.

I would LOVE to hear about what you get in the comments! Let me know!

Here it is: