Coming Soon – CrowSong Classes! First, Crystals!

Photo by: Educated Savage

Hi there, everyone!

First of all, I want to send out a BIG thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my survey about what kinds of classes you wanted online. I saw some surprising results and some surprising confirmations of things I thought I only thought I knew. (Confusing sentence, but accurate).

As you may be unaware, CrowSong Lodge began when I experienced my first Jewish Community Center and saw the amazing classes they had available for the community. As such, these classes are going to be the foundation of the future CrowSong Lodge physical location. Please visit the About page to learn more.

What I learned from you kind folks, is that you DO want online classes, but they need to accessible and affordable. The topics you most want are:
1. Crystals
2. Tarot
3. Herbs
4.  Psychic Abilities/ESP

Photo by: Educated Savage

The LEAST popular ideas were those regarding the “Theories” classes – it makes sense that practical applications would be preferred.

I also found out that your preferences are for solo study with community access, preferably on Facebook. So I will work on setting that up! Let me know here (in the comments) or on Facebook if you would like in the new group I am about to go create! To begin, this will be a free group, but I am not sure about the future, so join now and shape the future of CrowSong Lodge!

Thank you, again, for your responses. I want to give you a sneak peek of what the first class on Crystals is going to look like. Here’s what I have so far:

Part 1 – Scientifically, why these “rocks” and not those “rocks”?
Part 2 – Lab created vs. Organically grown
Part 3 – How do gemstones affect energy?
Part 4 – Common uses for gemstones
     – Protection
     – Confidence
     – Love
Part 5 – Gemstones and the body
Part 6 – Gemstones and your home
Part 7 – Care and feeding
BONUS: Programming quartz
BONUS 2: Hagstones, pumice, sandstone, and “rock friends”
– Color guide to gemstones
– Quick gemstones glossary
– Purposes of body parts
– Significant places in the home
Photo by Jewels Galore on Flickr

I am REALLY excited about starting this project but I REALLY want to make sure I’m providing something that people want. So let me know how you feel about this and let’s do the thing! Thanks so much!

~ Nathara

All About Pearls

Photo by Jewels Galore on Flickr
Photo by Jewels Galore on Flickr

Pearls are a slightly different stone in that, instead of being formed beneath layers of rock and dirt, they are formed from the nacre secreted by various mullesks, especially by the oyster. As such, pearls remain a lively stone, shimmering and shining light from within.

Pearls, with their soft roundness, have long been associated with the moon, femininity, and beauty.

Pearls are often used to enhance beauty and self-confidence in a gentle and understated manner, enhancing what qualities are already there and refining hidden facets that may be under-appreciated. Given to children, it helps their inner beauty come forward and helps them confidently act from a place of love and compassion.

For people affected by the moon cycles emotionally or physically, a pearl can help alleviate these symptoms and balance wayward energies.

You have to be careful with pearls, though, because their energy is finite. Strained too hard and doing too much healing too fast will cause a peal to lose it’s luster and eliminate it’s inner light. Charging and cleansing them in the moonlight is highly recommended.

All About Aventurine

Photo by: sdixclifford @ Flickr
Photo by: sdixclifford @ Flickr

Aventurine is a beautiful green stone comprised of small crystalline structures, giving it a beautiful shimmering and metallic gleam.

Aventurine is primarily used in two kinds of magic: luck and visions.

Aventurine can be used to increase perceptive prowess, give clarity when looking to the future, and increasing creativity and expressions. Keep a small piece in your pocket, on a ring, or in a necklace to receive greater insight,  a wider view of things, and to inspire your creative self. Touch a piece to each eye to increase your overall perceptions.

Aventurine is also used in luck magic and is favored by gamblers and others who are taking chances and seeking their fortune. It attracts money and gifts to the wearer.

Being a green stone, it is also used to calm and soothe the emotions and draw healing energies to the wearer. It is especially useful in drawing out toxins and cleansing the body of poisons.

All About Amber

Amber and light
Photo by: PhotoAgo @ Flickr

Amber is the solidified and fossilized resin of certain conifers (trees) often prized for the leaves, insects, and other organic matter that is often captured within. Made famous by the movie Jurassic Park, where they extracted dinosaur DNA from a mosquito preserved in a block of amber, it is a beautiful honey color with variations that are light and buttery to deep reds.

Amber is exceptional because it is highly thermo-conductive, which means that it often feels warm to the touch, making it a popular stone for worry stones or rubbing in general. Unfortunately, it is also a very soft stone and must be polished frequently in jewelry settings to maintain a scratch free surface. It was also used frequently in potions and as an incense to purify space and heal many physical ailments, particularly of the digestive system.

Today, Amber is often worn as a pendant or in necklaces for it’s protective property, especially when it comes to children. It is recommended that children wear small beads of amber on a necklace or have a piece of amber placed in their bedrooms to capitalize on it’s protective energies.

Amber is also often used as an amplifier of other magics, meaning that spells and energy work conducted within the vicinity of amber is often strengthened and more effective for having the amber nearby, and it is commonly used by witches, shamans, and eastern mystics to help power their magics.

Another common use for amber is as a rejuvenating stone – aiding in the maintenance of both beauty and youth. Because of amber’s timeless quality – beginning as tree sap, becoming stone, and sometimes capturing and preserving organic matter – it is used to turn back the clock and not only maintain the appearance and vitality of youth, but also the health, endurance, and spirit of youth as well.

All About Turquoise

Turquoise Beads
Photo by: cobalt123 @ Flickr

Turquoise is a beautiful stone normally of a sky blue but it can range from the palest of baby blues to the deepest of greens and every shade in between.

Turquoise is a unique stone all around the world because it has been so very highly valued by so many different peoples. Part of this is because turquoise forms near the surface of the Earth and is thus more easily collected than many other stones. It has been prized in the ancient Orient, throughout Europe and Persia, in the Mediterranean, Egypt, Meso-America, and North America.

Often associated with the sky and sky gods, turquoise is well regarded as a stone of good fortune and prosperity. A turquoise given by a friend is supposed to be especially powerful as gifts given out of affection carry such good fortune with them, anyways. Being associated with the gods, it was common to find it as part of religious artifacts, including masks, jewelry, and objects such as plates and goblets. It wasn’t used widely in Europe until after the 14th century, with the decline of the Roman Catholic church which prized the stone highly.

Rings made of turquoise are supposed to protect the wearer’s health and prosperity and necklaces ward the wearer against ill-fortune.

Turquoise is one of the rare stones that can actually change color throughout it’s lifespan and it is believed that it will become paler and more green as one’s health weakens and then become a deeper sky blue as one returns to health. Because of this color changing property, it was also used by ancient peoples to warn them and prophesy ill-fated fortunes, bad weather, or natural disasters.

Jewelry and Where to Wear It

Photo by: PublicDomainArchive @ Pixabay
Photo by: PublicDomainArchive @ Pixabay

As a society, we LOVE jewelry. It’s one of the best ways to bring precious metals and gemstones into our energy fields, adorn ourselves and feel/look beautiful,  and express our individuality. But did you know that where you wear your jewelry effects how it’s energies influence you? It does! Today’s post is going to be a quick reference guide on where to wear jewelry for the most effect. I get this information from the wonderful book Stone Power by Dorothee L. Mella.

First of all, the left side of your body is the receptive, absorbative side of your body and your right side of the body is the outgoing, influencing, and productive side of your body. So, a quick “rule of thumb” is that if there are energies you want to internalize, you want to wear them on the left side of your body and if you want energies to effect the actions that you’re taking, then you want to wear them on the right side of your body.

Your index (pointer) finger controls expression. Wearing a stone or metal on your left index finger, you effect how you communicate with yourself internally. On the right, it effects how you communicate with others.

Your middle finger controls intuition and inspiration. Wearing a stone or metal on your either of your middle fingers will effect your intuition and how sensitive it is, so wearing a stone here should be done with caution. On the left, it affects the receptivity of your intuition, on the right, it effects the energy you put out.

Your ring finger controls your creativity. On the left, you receive creative stimulation (including love), and on the right it helps your creative expression.

Your pinkie finger (little finger) controls change and opportunities. On the left, you effect the opportunities you receive and on the right you control the opportunities you create, both for yourself and others.

In addition, there are all sorts of places on your body you could wear gemstones, metals, and other materials to gain their influence.

Photo by: shraddhaphotostories @ Pixabay
Photo by: shraddhaphotostories @ Pixabay

Your forehead or the top of your head influences your mental state and your creativity.

Your ears effect your energy and stability.

Your neck effects how you express yourself.

Your heart area effects your desires and ability to receive and express love.

Your naval area effects your vitality.

Your hips effect your actions and achievements.

And your ankles effect your support and stability.

So, as an example, if your seeking aid in staying grounded in reality, connected to the physical, and aware of your environment, you would do well to wear obsidian (grounding) on your left (receptive) ankle (support/stability).

If you want to increase your self esteem, you would do well to wear rose quartz (capacity for love) over your heart area (ability to receive and express love). A second place to wear the rose quartz would be your left wrist (receptivity). Wearing this stone on your right wrist or right index finger would help you express the love you feel both for yourself and for others.

This is not limited to gemstones and metals. You can also use herbals, other natural materials such as shells and fabrics, and talismans in this same way! Don’t be afraid to experiment moving stones around and seeing what effect they have!

All About Hematite

Photo by: Jared @ Flickr
Photo by: Jared @ Flickr

This week’s Pagan Blog Project post is about Hematite. I don’t normally do stones as part of the project, but I’m making an exception for this stone.

Hematite is a silvery metallic color, except when powdered, where it turns blood red. This is because Hematite is primarily composed of iron ore. It is especially found where running water meets veins of iron ore or where it once did.

Hematite is used to pull illness from from the body and keep negative energy away from the bearer and it also helps keep the bearer grounded and centered in reality. If you’re doing a lot of spiritual, religious, or psychic work, hematite is something that you would definitely want to keep on your body. This is also a wonderful stone for those who teach and those who heal.

The best way to keep your hematite clear is to run cold clear water over the stone until it starts to feel a little lighter. Hematite is normally on the heavy side for a gemstone, but it gets heavier, and more fragile, with the more negative energy or illness that it absorbs.

Okay, so something that’s really exciting is – remember how hematite forms where there’s running water? They’ve actually found hematite stones on Mars, indicating to scientists that Mars had water at some point and may still have some under ground.

All About Rose Quartz

Photo by: bee wolf ray @ Flickr

Rose quartz is a variety of quartz that is known for a pink color. The color made be pale or very dark, almost a red or magenta color.

Rose quartz has a very subtle energy to them. Like roses, they are very calming and soothing. Ancient peoples, such as the Romans, Egyptians, and Ancient Chinese used rose quartz and rose quartz water in many of their beauty practices, such as baths, facial washes, and jewelry.

Especially powerful is rose quartz’s ability to increase self-acceptance and self-esteem. This stone also helps increase physical health and is specially recommended for self-esteem, weight issues, and the reduction of wrinkles.

I’ve prescribed this stone quite a bit lately. Self-esteem and self-confidence are real issues in our society. This stone is especially effective worn on the left wrist or as a necklace worn as close to the heart chakra as possible. Wearing it on your left wrist will allow it to effect the energy you pull in to yourself. The heart chakra is also our center for giving, receiving, and being loved, so wearing the rose quartz here can be especially effective.

Rose quartz can also be used to help ease mental and emotional wounds, grief, and a sense of guilt and promote forgiveness.

Physically, rose quartz helps the circulatory system, the cardiac system, and increases fertility. It was often worn to promote pregnancy, protect both mother and child during pregnancy, and ease the pain of child-birth.

Sharing rose quartz with your children can increase the flow of love and attachment and create and more open and loving communication.

All About Malachite

Photo by: thisisbossi

Malachite is a beautiful Irish green stone, often with lines, bands, or eyelets wrapping around it. It can range from a light green to a very dark green.

It is believed to increase energy or magnify whatever energy you’re already experiencing, so care should be taken in using malachite when you’re in a foul or otherwise unfavorable mood since it will magnify these feelings.

Malachite also has extensive healing properties in it, though some caution to protect oneself should be taken by healers using it, since it can magnify energy. It has a special affinity for aiding in the healing of eye and blood issues, having a special resonance with copper.

Malachite is often given to children to help them sleep well and keep away nightmares and attached to a babies crib, it is believed to keep negative energy away, thus helping the infant sleep better through the night.

I highly suggest pairing a piece of malachite with a programmed quartz crystal to better focus your intentions and prevent some of the ‘side effects’ of using this stone – that way you can use this stone for healing without worrying about the magnification of negative energy. Also beneficial is wearing the stone on the proper body part – for instance, rings on the right pointer fingers share their energy in directed actions.

All About Amethyst

Photo by: MaiaC

Amethyst is a beautiful crystalline purple stone, sometimes with white bands, that has long intrigued human kind. It can be a pale lavender to a dark wine color.

Amethyst has long been valued for its soothing effects on the psyche. It was often placed under pillows at night to help with insomnia, headaches, and to induce pleasant dreams. It is also said to curb overindulgence, particularly in drinking.

Amethyst is commonly used as an aid to help get in touch with the bearer’s intuition, your own feelings, and your own values. It is often used as an aid in meditations and to help uplift the spirits. It is especially effective when worn around the neck or held in your left hand. Keep your amethyst charged and cleansed and your unconscious will become enhanced.