A Herbal Holiday Resource

Oooooh, lookie! A friend just posted up this resource over on the Facebook and I’m passing it along to you. Personally, I’m eyeballing the chai and sugarplums and the incense paper. If you try any of these out, let us know!

All About Coconut

Cocnut husk
Photo by: akeg @ Flickr

Coconuts are commonly used in magic for chastity, protection, and good fortune. The health benefits of coconut is just becoming common knowledge, and these nuts are becoming easier and easier to find throughout the country. Asian and Pacific Island cultures rely on coconuts so much, in fact, that they often refer to the palm tree as the “Tree of Life.”

Coconut has been used traditionally to cure all sorts of ailments, from infections and fevers to menstrual cramps, gonorrhea, scurvy, and toothaches.

Modern medicine has confirmed that coconut:

  • Kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi that cause ringworm, yeast infections, influenza, gonorrhea, urinary tract infections, herpes, and aids among other things
  • Enhances physical performance by boosting energy and endurance
  • Improves digestion and absorption of other nutrients
  • Relieves symptoms and health risks associated with diabetes
  • Protects the body from breast, colon, and other cancers
  • many many more benefits

Coconut oil replaces the protein lost in strands of hair, moisturizes the skin, and is commonly used in soap.

Coconuts are frequently drained of the juice, filled with protective talismans, herbs, oils, and other charms and re-sealed and buried on the property as a protective charm. Abundance magic (money magic) may also be included inside the coconut husk. The whole coconut is also hung in a corner of the home to ward of negative and evil influences.

All About Cinnamon

Cinnamon Sticks
Photo by: CINNAMON VOGUE @ Flickr

Cinnamon is a commonly used cooking herb derived from the bark of the Cinnamomum tree. It is used in the cooking of almost all of our favorite things and has a distinct taste and scent.

It has long been prized by through Europe and the Middle and Far East. Traders would keep the harvesting of cinnamon secret to protect the lucrative cinnamon trade.

Cinnamon was commonly used in devotions to various gods, used as a protective herb, and used to increase virility and vitality. It is also used to increase health and psychic functioning.

It is also commonly used in love and commitment spells.

For these purposes, it is often used in food, teas and other herbal drinks, satchels, satchels, poppets, candles and burned in fires, on the stove, and in oil burners.

It is an essential herb and oil for any active practitioner.

Jewelry and Where to Wear It

Photo by: PublicDomainArchive @ Pixabay
Photo by: PublicDomainArchive @ Pixabay

As a society, we LOVE jewelry. It’s one of the best ways to bring precious metals and gemstones into our energy fields, adorn ourselves and feel/look beautiful,  and express our individuality. But did you know that where you wear your jewelry effects how it’s energies influence you? It does! Today’s post is going to be a quick reference guide on where to wear jewelry for the most effect. I get this information from the wonderful book Stone Power by Dorothee L. Mella.

First of all, the left side of your body is the receptive, absorbative side of your body and your right side of the body is the outgoing, influencing, and productive side of your body. So, a quick “rule of thumb” is that if there are energies you want to internalize, you want to wear them on the left side of your body and if you want energies to effect the actions that you’re taking, then you want to wear them on the right side of your body.

Your index (pointer) finger controls expression. Wearing a stone or metal on your left index finger, you effect how you communicate with yourself internally. On the right, it effects how you communicate with others.

Your middle finger controls intuition and inspiration. Wearing a stone or metal on your either of your middle fingers will effect your intuition and how sensitive it is, so wearing a stone here should be done with caution. On the left, it affects the receptivity of your intuition, on the right, it effects the energy you put out.

Your ring finger controls your creativity. On the left, you receive creative stimulation (including love), and on the right it helps your creative expression.

Your pinkie finger (little finger) controls change and opportunities. On the left, you effect the opportunities you receive and on the right you control the opportunities you create, both for yourself and others.

In addition, there are all sorts of places on your body you could wear gemstones, metals, and other materials to gain their influence.

Photo by: shraddhaphotostories @ Pixabay
Photo by: shraddhaphotostories @ Pixabay

Your forehead or the top of your head influences your mental state and your creativity.

Your ears effect your energy and stability.

Your neck effects how you express yourself.

Your heart area effects your desires and ability to receive and express love.

Your naval area effects your vitality.

Your hips effect your actions and achievements.

And your ankles effect your support and stability.

So, as an example, if your seeking aid in staying grounded in reality, connected to the physical, and aware of your environment, you would do well to wear obsidian (grounding) on your left (receptive) ankle (support/stability).

If you want to increase your self esteem, you would do well to wear rose quartz (capacity for love) over your heart area (ability to receive and express love). A second place to wear the rose quartz would be your left wrist (receptivity). Wearing this stone on your right wrist or right index finger would help you express the love you feel both for yourself and for others.

This is not limited to gemstones and metals. You can also use herbals, other natural materials such as shells and fabrics, and talismans in this same way! Don’t be afraid to experiment moving stones around and seeing what effect they have!

Germination – Spring Time Spells

Germination is the process in which a plant or fungus emerges from a seed or spore, respectively, and begins growth.

— Wikipedia

So, basically, germinating is when things start sprouting! And here we are in spring, so there is a LOT of germinating going on right now. In fact, it’s the season to start planting those seeds you want to see sprouting soon.

Now is good time to think about what you want to plant for this year, what you would like to harvest come fall. Now a lot of times people say things like that metaphorically, but we in the magic realm know that this is also very literal. So, here’s a spell for planting seeds to germinate later.

Ingredients (all these I can get at my local grocery store, so it should be easy to find):

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Lemon oil or peel
  • Lavender oil or sprigs
  • Cinnamon oil, powder, or sticks
  • 1 square of all-natural (such as cotton) cloth about 12 inches wide
  • 12 inches of all natural (such as cotton) ribbon
  • 1 white rose

We’re going to start with some pen and paper. For each thing you would like to bring into your life, you’re going to write them down on a separate piece of paper. Remember, these are things you want to bring into your life, so make these positive statements. “Financial Abundance” instead of “Stop being broke.”

When you’re done writing everything down, fold each paper into quarters separately, so that now you have  a large (or small) pile of papers in front of you. Take the square of cloth you picked up earlier and put the papers in the center. Add to it a few drops of lemon oil (or lemon peels), lavender oil (or sprigs). Lastly, add a little cinnamon oil, ground cinnamon, or cinnamon sticks just to add a little fire to the mix. Tie them up into a little bundle with a piece of ribbon or twine.

Take the bundle that you’ve created and the white rose outside to your garden and plant it just like you would any other plant. Make sure the hole you put it in is at least 6 inches deep. If you need to mark the spot, you can do so, or you plant a plant on top of it. During your regular yard maintenance, give the bundle the same treatment you give the other plants in your yard.

As time goes by, you’ll see your wishes start to come to fruition.

Now, there are a lot of spells out there that promise immediate gains, but this spell is designed to create long-term, long-lasting changes in your life and is something you can repeat every year.

All About Rose

Photo by Steve-h @ Flickr

Ah, roses. Is there a flower with a bigger reputation?

Roses are truly amazing. Their variety alone is staggering and they can now be found just about anywhere. Roses are very quick breeders and several new varieties of rose are developed every year. It would be easy to devote your entire life just to the study of different roses. Indeed, roses even have their own language by color type.

Magically speaking, roses are tied to the energy of emotions and most commonly used to promote and express love. A single stemmed rose is often used as a gift of devotion and affection. But rose petals in a sachet, under the bed, in a tea, or in bath water were common practices to draw love to you. But roses don’t represent only romantic love, but also familial and friendship love as well.

Rose water used on the skin is said to promote softness, youthfulness, and beauty.

Rose hips (the fruit of the rose) were often dried and strung as beads to help attract love.

In the home, roses help sooth emotions, promote calm, community, and peace.

The scent of the rose is especially symbolic and one could indeed spend all their time just smelling the roses. Their scents can be subtle, overpowering, sweet, spicy, or fresh, or non-existent. Desert roses tend to have spicier scents while northern roses tend to have sweeter, fuller fragrances, but all are beautiful. To stop and smell the roses is to take the time to enjoy the simple and beautiful things in life.

In addition to love for others, roses can encourage self-esteem and self-confidence. When you’re feeling down, uncertain, or vulnerable, buying, visiting, or otherwise enjoying roses can bring calmness, confidence, and mental clarity.

All About Garlic

Photo by: Funadium

Mmmmmm! Garlic is one of my favorite herbs! It’s antioxidant properties and effects on your health have been lauded. Aside from it’s obvious effects with protection against vampires, garlic has several other benefits to it as well.

Garlic has long been used as a general protective herb, worn around the neck or carried in the pockets. Placed in the home it guards against evil, the evil eye, and to keep out robbers, thieves, and envious people.

When eaten, garlic is considered an aphrodisiac and opens the channels of conversation and good company.

Placed around doors and windows, garlic is also protection against the elements and weather, especially against the wind and rain.

All About Rosemary

rosemary Rosemary is another one of my favorite herbs. It’s so versatile and smells so wonderful. Sometimes I go outside and just ‘pet’ my rosemary plant to enjoy the scent and receive a little boost in my day.

Rosemary is typically used for cleansings, healings, assistance sleeping, mental clarity, romance, protection, and maintaining youthiness.

Rosemary is commonly used in sachets, as fresh and dried sprigs, in smudge sticks, in the bath, and as an incense. It also has a clean and stimulating scent.

Tucked into a sachet under the pillow, rosemary is said to aid slumber and keep away nightmares. Tucked under the bed, it provides protection in a much more general way.

Hung around the house, it encourages purification and safety from thieves and other disasters.

In the bath and carried, rosemary increases mental acuity and maintains youthfulness and rosemary is often added to wash water when healing work is to be done.

Rosemary is commonly used in moon rites and as a substitution for frankincense and used in smudge sticks for cleansing and protection.

All About Lavender

Lavender is one of my absolute FAVORITE herbs! It’s so versatile, so pretty, and has such a wonderful scent that it’s really a joy to work with.

Lavender is typically used for cleansings, uplifted moods, protection, romance, relaxation, and peace.

Lavender is commonly used in sachets, fresh cuttings, floral waters, and incenses. It has a clean, attractive, interesting scent.

maia c
Photo by: Maia C

Tucked into a sachet in your pillow or floral water spritzed onto the bed is said to help bring relaxation, sleep, and pleasant dreams.

The floral water worn as a scent is said to attract romance and ignite passions.

Fresh cuttings placed throughout the home is said to bring calm and peace to the residents thereof, as well as  incense burned.

Lavender is also commonly used in moon rites and moon magic and often used in smudges for cleansings, purification, and protection.