Photo by: Katie Tegtmeyer

Photo by: Katie Tegtmeyer

Welcome to CrowSong Lodge!

CrowSong Lodge is a dream of mine. A dream I’ve had since high school when I visited my first Jewish Community Center. It was wonderful – it was this community center with all these amazing classes that you could take. A lot of them were about the Jewish faith, but there were other classes, too, like resume writing and job skills. What an amazing resource!

Photo by: PublicDomainPictures @ Pixabay
Photo by: PublicDomainPictures @ Pixabay

So I want to create an all faiths/alternative faiths/no faith community center. The heart of the center would be the classes; everything from Yoga and Pilates to Philosophy, World Religions, Aromatherapy, Holistic Healing, Job Interview Skills, Budget Making, Meal Planning, Parenting, and all sorts of other things.

There would also be an organic farm providing many local crops and serving as a demonstration farm where people (including school children!) could come and learn about organic farming. There’d also be a community garden, where people could have their own little plot of Earth to plant in away from home.

I would also make it a cat and dog sanctuary where cats and dogs could come, get their shots, be spayed or neutered, and roam the property freely. They would be fed daily, but they would also be expected to keep the mice and other undesirables away from the garden. People could come to the Lodge and just visit with the cats.

There would also be a stable with riding lessons and horse therapy. The horses here would be rescue horses that are also being rehabilitated, and, through their own healing, these horses could heal those dealing with grief, developmental disabilities, aging issues, loneliness, and socialization issues, among other things.


There would be a grove of hammock like pods where people could go and meditate, relax outdoors, and just be peaceful for awhile knowing that they are in a safe environment. You could meditate, do homework, read a book, listen to music, or just listen to the bird song. You could do anything, really, as long as you respected other people and their space as well as the grove itself.

I would also want for there to be cabins available – little two person cabins, six person cabins, and 20 person bunk houses! I would want there to be a retreat area as well with a community meeting room and theater where people could come and have workshops, corporate retreats, and just get away for the weekend.

I also plan to have a cafeteria that served food for people on all diets. There would be the regular food, the vegetarian food, vegan food, gluten free food, and food for people on the Paleo diet. And of course, there would be fresh produce and vegetables for people who just want the roughage. In addition, we would have cooking demonstrations, classes, and nutritional information here as well.

Photo by: werner22brigitte @ Pixabay
Photo by: werner22brigitte @ Pixabay

I would also want to have a ‘hackerspace’ for artists – a studio where artists could come and work on their latest project. Space would be provided, a beautiful setting would be provided, and supplies would be available. There would even be a gallery where artists could show and sell their work to those who were interested, and, of course, classes and demonstrations would be available as well.

I want it to be a place where you can come and stop by on your lunch break and have a quick meal in a beautiful sanctuary and recharge or a place where you could spend all day roaming around and visiting the cats, dogs, horses, gardens, farms, classes, workshops, retreats, artist gallery, etc.

It probably sounds like a big hippy pipe dream to a lot of people, but this is MY big hippy pipe dream and I’m going to do what I can to make it happen.

So, what you’re finding here on the internet is the very seedlings of that. I’m housing my teachings here – references on Stones, Herbs, Animal Medicine, Tutorials, and other information that you can use to further your spiritual path. This is going to be the foundation of my Lodge. This is the font from which it all will spring. This is not just MY space, but OUR space – so feel free to speak up! It is (at this point) NOT a democracy – but it is nothing if it is all about me, either. Enjoy your visit here, and I hope to see you there, someday!

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One thought on “About CrowSong Lodge

  1. Charlene, this sounds absolutely wonderful!!! I so hope this all comes to all fall into place at the right time for you. And everyone else that would reap the benefits from your amazing goal!

    1. I’m not worried about the “right time” so much – I know it’ll never be finished, but the idea is to work on it for the rest of my life. First – finding the property. Then we start building. 😀 But thank you so very much for the encouragement.

      I didn’t realize this till the other day – but this is legacy I want to leave to the world.

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