Our world has become strange. Times are chaotic and confusing. But this is our world, and it belongs to us.

I envision a world where people and animals have a place to go and be safe. A place where they can discover themselves, learn the skills they need to create the life they want, and a place they can return to whenever they need support.

I feel that the society we live in does not provide the resources and education that we need to live successfully. I am not criticizing the schools, because I am not sure that these things, these life skills, are their responsibility to teach. But it would also be foolish for me to run around, pointing fingers, and demanding that someone else take responsibility for it.

Nathara Selfie

So *I* am going to step forward and take up this mantle. I will create a place where we can learn these essential life skills – skills ranging from working with the land and growing our own food to creating a resume, balancing your metaphorical checkbook, and making sure you eat a balanced diet. I will teach people how to be part of a community and how to find resources that they need. I will teach people about beauty in the world through nature and art.

Of course, I am not going to really be able to do this all my own. I will also be looking for people to help me. CrowSong Lodge is a very big dream that I am confident I will never complete. But I am hoping to start something wonderful, that will be an asset to our global community, and that I can leave behind to other people with a similar vision.

And the first place I’m starting is right here, on the internet. I have started planning the first of CrowSong’s online courses. I invite you to stick around, learn some things, contribute something if you like – or just rest yourself and take the time to heal.

Welcome to CrowSong Lodge! I hope you stay a very long time.


~ Nathara

(May 2014)